Abdominal massage course

Warrior WomanLearn dynamic techniques to release physical and emotional issues in your belly!

This is an intensive, hands-on practical massage course, allowing dynamic shifts both physically and emotionally (theory is given via a course manual). Everyone has issues in their tissues and this can result in complaints such as constipation, bloating, reproductive/fertility problems, depression and mood swings. Our gut holds more nerve neurons than our brain and spinal cord, which means unwanted memories will sit and fester, waiting for us to have the courage to release them. Many of my students have taken that step forward and freed themselves and their clients – I’ll show you the techniques, your body will do the rest! Find out what massage therapists think of the course here.

Who can take the abdominal massage course?
If you are an existing massage therapist, hold a recognised qualification in anatomy & physiology and are insured to touch the whole body you can use what you have learnt straight away on your clients as this course is classified as advanced techniques.

What will I learn on the abdominal massage course?
Day 1

Palpation of the abdomen. Learn where the organs of the pelvis and abdomen are. How to locate and massage the uterus. How to locate the ileo-caecal valve and its trigger point; learn about the ICV’s impact on bloating; massage the small & large intestines to aid digestion and elimination. It will also be the start of any emotional release.

Day 2
Recap of Day 1.
How to powerfully integrate visceral techniques to reposition/release restricted tissue around the organs of the pelvis and abdomen using deep fascial stretches; this in turn helps the organs to reposition, aid circulation and release past emotional trauma for both men and women.

Day 3
Recap of Day 2.
Learn the importance of the nerves which feed the pelvis and how to massage the sacrum releasing emotional and physical tension in the sacro-iliac joint and to the pelvic nerve plexus. How to release/massage the coccyx, which has a knock-on effect to the pelvic floor muscles. How to tell if the pelvis is out of alignment. Discuss digestive and fertility pathologies that you or your clients are currently experiencing. Discuss case histories. Discuss how to integrate the above techniques into your existing business.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though this course helps with fertility issues, we will not be discussing fertility in full as it is important to focus on a good digestive system to aid fertility.


You can find the latest course dates here, but if you have more questions, look through the FAQ page.