Student testimonials

Helen is a very inspirational and knowledgeable tutor who is clearly passionate about the Abdominal Sacral massage and its benefits. She is extremely approachable, patient and calming. The pace of the course is perfect and the content is thorough. The support materials are excellent. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. It really is a fantastic course and I learnt so much. I can’t wait to put it all into practice. ” Beth Oct 2019

“Thank you really doesn’t cut the mustard for the teaching you gave this weekend! Drove home feeling a little emotional but with clarity and this nice light floaty feeling, lots of stuff I’ve been very stressed about and up in my head with now seems totally achievable!

Can’t wait to get my case studies in and start practicing this magic treatment.

You are truly inspiring!”

Chloe xxx

“The workshop was really a profound experience for me, it brought a lot of things to the surface which I have been looking at and healing this past month. I do have a lot of gratitude for what you taught me, and I feel it’s the beginning of a very exciting journey.”
Lucy Priscott

“Thanks for the fantastic course. I have already given two massages, and people were blown away by it! I love it!!!”

Paul, Totnes

“Hello Helen,
Thanks for your email, I really did enjoy your course and felt really well on the Thursday after. Overall I felt I learnt an awful lot of new information and techniques in an area that no other course I have done has ever approached.”

“Did the course meet your expectations? Far exceeded  – Helen’s knowledge knows no bounds!”


“Did the course meet your expectations? Wasn’t sure what to expect, but I hadn’t expected it to change my views and feelings toward massage.  I have always loved massaging clients but truly feel in love with this course and what it can offer my clients and what they can learn for themselves.”


“Did the course meet your expectations? The best course I’ve been on, an absolutely brilliant tutor!”


Did the course meet your expectations? Many thanks Helen and I pray that I may also impart the same (or even greater) healing relief into my clientele as I continue to share the healing power you have passed on to me. ” 


“I came with an open mind and left knowing so much. I have always thought that if I can learn one thing new in a day that’s great. Today I learnt so many things and that was a wonderful feeling.”


“Did the course meet your expectations? The course was full of new facts and was presented in such a way
that it was easy to absorb. The practical/hands on teaching was very helpful and really showed you the benefit of this form of massage.
It certainly met my expectations and went beyond…….. ”

Susan, Devon

“Did the course meet your expectations? Yes, it’s truly made me in love with my womb! “


“Did the course meet your expectations? Brilliant course. Learnt so much. More than I was expecting.”


“What did you enjoy the most? Particularly clarifying the menstrual cycle. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, it has been both informative and enlightening. Thank you!”


“What did you enjoy the most? I attended the Abdominal-Sacral Massage workshop lead by Helen and I enjoyed it greatly. Helen has a very natural way of teaching, she’s very patient and extremely thorough. I felt I was amongst friends in our group of 6, which I think is the perfect group size for better learning. I do recommend booking a workshop or course with Helen as she is extremely professional and has a warm and engaging personality.”


“What did you enjoy the most? Helen, thank you for a great workshop, i did the massage on a regular client of mine today and she had the most intense colonic she has ever had!!”

Hasmira x

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