What should I expect from a treatment?

All therapists listed are fully qualified in Abdominal Massage. You will be asked to fill out a  lengthy consultation form and some questions you may feel are a little personal. This is because we believe that both physical and emotional issues go hand in hand creating some of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Many of our clients have been to their GPs, had various tests, and still have no definitive diagnosis; this is why we like to ask more questions and hear what you actually have to say.

You may be coming for fertility issues, but we still need to know about your gut, as both ascending and descending colon are either side of the womb and the rectum is directly behind!

Your 1st treatment will consist of a gentle, “relatively” deep massage – we need to gauge your body’s response. Some will leave the table feeling euphoric and some a little emotional, but both are positive signs.

Generally a colon and sacral massage can be performed at any time, however a womb massage has some restrictions:

Just before or during a bleed
If you have a coil fitted
If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy
Any recent abdominal surgery
If you have an infection or high temperature

Please contact therapists individually for pricing of treatments.