Fertility is all about the natural ability to have children. Why some women find it easy to conceive and carry to full term and some don’t is a hugh subject and creates much controversy amongst the orthodox profession, let alone amongst the complementary profession.

Generally medical intervention occurs when a couple have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 2 years. Many tests are taken and occasionally a reason is discovered, but more often than not, there is no explicable reason. At this stage IVF is suggested. Sometimes it is successful, more often, it is not.

For IVF to succeed, at least 10 healthy eggs need to be harvested. No problem, you might think. But, alas for some women this proves almost impossible, even with medical drugs. Why?

If you have read the other links regarding your uterus and digestion, you will note that positioning, healthy diet and a stress-free lifestyle plays a key part to our natural reproductive cycle. However, the one thing the general medical world does not usually take into account is past emotional trauma.

As practitioners we are taught to ask about daily stress, and quite often our client will respond with “I’m not stressed”. But what we’re not taught to ask is about our past emotional traumas and these WILL be lurking and causing underlying stress. Sometimes we’ve lived with them for so long it’s been “forgotten”, however the issues in your tissues will, sooner or later, remind you.

So how does Abdominal Massage help? On a practical, scientific level, massage encourages healthy circulation to all surrounding organs, ligaments, muscles etc (especially the uterus and colon). This in turn aids elimination of unwanted toxins and excess hormones. But what about that emotional trauma? Well, I can’t give you a scientific explanation, other than the reference to the “Second Brain” but, I absolutely do know from experience, that once we work deeply and gently all around the abdomen, the process of emotional release is triggered.

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